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Don't Waste Your Money: Nook parts can be hard to replace

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Dozens of owners of a popular e-reader have taken to the Internet to complain about problems with its charging cable. They claim it breaks frequently, and is now getting hard to find.

E-readers are popular these days. But a growing number of people are complaining about a problem with one of the best-selling color readers from Barnes & Noble. 

Was Happy Until... 

Deb Stevenson, an avid book reader, was very happy with her Nook Color e-reader until the day her charging cable broke. 

"I was plugging the Nook into my desktop, and it was not recognizing my Nook," said Stevenson. 

But that was just the beginning of her problems.


"I then went to Barnes & Noble, and they checked it and determined that yes, it was the proprietary cable," said Stevenson.

But her local store was all sold out of the cable, which is unique to the Nook Color. 

"They said they had none in stock, could not order them," said Stevenson. 


All the other stores nearby were also sold out. 

Barnes & Noble's website was also sold out, showing "not currently available" on April 9-11, 2013, when checked several times. 

Other cables? Not So Much 

Stevenson found generic Nook Color cables for sale on Amazon, but those she found had poor reviews, saying they didn't fix the problem. 
Why? At Barnes & Noble's online forums, Stevenson learned generic cables do not work properly with the Nook Color. The special Nook Color cable has an extra long micro USB connector, tech blogs say, to make it charge faster. Generics do not have that. 

"I'm reading that people are disgusted, that they have this cable, and so many of these cables have gone bad and everyone's wondering, 'Where do I go? What do I do?" said Stevenson. 

We contacted Barnes & Noble, which said it is trying to make more replacement cables available soon, and said the cables have not been discontinued. 

Barnes and Noble said it will reach out to help Stevenson with her problem, but she said she is still not satisfied.


"If I go buy a car, in two years parts are still available for my car," Stevenson said. "You're telling me in two years, I can't buy a part for what I purchased from you?" 

Possible Solutions? 

Barnes & Noble has since replaced the Nook Color with the Nook HD. 

The Nook HD has a different connector that appears less prone to breaking, according to online reviews. That's still no help to thousands of Nook Color owners. 

Other owners say the Nook Color will still work with a generic cable, but it charges very slowly, and may not be able to synch with your computer, which means you may not be able to download library books or other documents on your PC.


It's something to keep in mind if you are considering buying the older Nook Color. You may want to buy an extra cord for it if you can find one, so you don't waste your money. 

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