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Local girl writes song, meets NASCAR driver

A local girl has a huge crush on NASCAR driver Joey Logano and wanted to meet him. So she wrote a song, and the rest is history.

Bedford sophomore Megan McCormick, 16, has two loves: music and Joey Logano.

"He's tall, dark, and handsome...what girl doesn't like that?" said Megan.

Age and distance not factors to this dreamer, Megan had to meet Joey. While watching the Daytona 500 it hit her: Why not write a song to get his attention?

"Some inspiration hit me because he wasn't doing that good in the race. I just kind of went with it," said Megan. 

She recorded the song in her parent's bathroom and posted the video to YouTube, hoping for the best.

Initially, Logano didn't see the video online, but thousands of others did and that's where the story gets interesting.

"I just got this e-mail from the producers of Fox Sports and they said, 'We want you to sing your song live.' I just started freaking out," Megan explained. 

The weekend went better than she'd ever imagined. She sang her song live on TV and met the man of her dreams.

"So I just ran up to him and I was like, 'Hi Joey! I'm the Joey song girl!' And he was like, 'Whoa. Hi. I saw your video. It was awesome,'" said Megan. 

As it turns out, Logano already has a girlfriend. And although she may have him, she'll never have a hit song like Megan McCormick.

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