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Rossford history displayed at library

ROSSFORD, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Last year, the Rossford Public Library asked for the community's help identifying old pictures from the area. Now their picture collection is complete.

Dozens of pictures have been blown up and cover the walls of the library for floor to ceiling. Library patrons become surrounded by the visual history of Rossford.

The library says when they asked the community for historical pictures, they received more than they knew what to do with. They decided to take some and create wallpaper out of them.

The oldest picture in the collection dates back to the late 1800s. There's even a picture of the city's namesake, Edward Ford and Carrie Ross.

"This is our family, this is where we used to go, these are stores that aren't here anymore," said Kristine Goldsmith. "It's really great to have the history of a place that you know."

The mural has also been made a part of the Rossford third grade curriculum.

The library would still like to see any historical photos of the city that the public may have. Visit their website here to share.

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