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Protesters want UT to reinstate abortion clinic transfer agreements

Dozens of people rallied against the University of Toledo's decision to cut transfer agreements with two Toledo abortion clinics.

Men and women stood out in the cold Friday night, trying to get their message out to the community, but most importantly UT's president, Lloyd Jacobs, hoping he will reconsider his decision to terminate UT's transfer agreement with two Toledo abortion clinics.

"I feel like Presidents Jacobs was bullied by Ohio Right to Life with a lot of misleading information about his and the University's liability and I feel like that information needs to be sorted out and people need to know what's going on," said Sean Nestor, who attended the rally.

President Jacobs made the announcement last month after Ohio Right To Life and a state representative criticized the arrangements, saying they are a violation of a state law which prohibits state-funded hospitals from providing abortions.

"I have a friend that had to be a patron to one of these clinics and you know she told me about her experience and how comforting and safe she felt having to go through that process and how important it was for her and her safety to be able to have that in that kind of atmosphere," said Corinne Hammer, who also attended the rally.

The transfer agreements allowed patients who experience medical emergencies while undergoing an abortion at a clinic to be taken to UTMC. That agreement no longer exists.

"I think that without having that safe and available to people who need that service, people are unfortunately still going to need that service and what are we going to do, we're going to have people getting sick or possibly dying because they're not getting the proper treatment," said Ms. Hammer.

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