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Muddy fields keep farmers from planting

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The wet spring is taking its toll on area farmers.

They're spending all of their time out of the fields instead of in them.

Fields are muddy and growers like Roger Burtchin are unable to plant.

At best, he says area farmers are two weeks away from going into their fields.

What is needed now are warm temperatures, no rain and a window of opportunity.

"Later you go, less yields. Usually they say if you don't have it in by May 10, you have a daily loss of 1-2 bushels a day," said Mr. Burtchin.

Last spring was unseasonably warm.

Farmers had already planted their fields.

But there's uncertainty this year for farmers and uncertainty how all this could affect prices we pay at the grocery store.

Mr. Burtchin says nobody will know until August or September.

"We could have a great year yet or this could be a tough year," he said.

So for now farmers like Roger Burtchin are on hold.

Things are out of his hands and will be even after he plants.

"Good Lord makes it grow. He and Mother Nature determine what's on the other end," he said.

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