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Point Place business owners refuse to clean graffiti tags

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Business owners in Point Place are concerned about the pricey clean-up process, after graffiti was spray painted on their buildings earlier this week. Owners say the city is threatening to charge them $300 if they fail to remove the paint within 72 hours. However, the owners say since they did not do the crime, they should not have to clean up the mess.

Earlier this week, many businesses in the Point Place community were tagged with graffiti. On Wednesday, Jordan Myers, 18, was arrested for the crime. However, his actions are still visible, and an added stress for business owners.

"This is pretty bad. It's going all up and down Summit. We just don't really have a police presence out here anymore," said Dan Boldt. 

Many other business owners agreed.

"It's taking a lot of my time that I don't really have. I need to spend the time on my business, and it's just a headache," said Wendy Bellas, owner of Flag Sales and Repair.

A large portion of the side of Bellas' building was tagged. She feels it is unacceptable.

"You put a lot of money and time into your property. You shouldn't deal with these types of things," said Bellas.

Bellas says since Myers walked up the fire escape to put graffiti on the side of her building, he should take that same time - if not more - to clean it up.

"He put it there. I don't think anyone should have to clean it up. He needs to come out and do it himself," said Bellas.

Szar's Men's Shop received a letter from the city of Toledo warning if they did not clean the paint from their building, they would be fined up to $300. That news spread fast, upsetting business owners.

"I think it's terrible. I'm not going to clean it up. I refuse to," said Bellas. "Because I was not the one who put it there and the one that's accountable should."

Still, it is an eyesore that needs to be dealt with by someone.

"I'm not going to let it stay there forever, but I will clean it up. But I'd like to see him clean it up," said Boldt.

The owner of Szar's Men's Shop said as of Thursday night, the city decided not to fine them.

A call to the city of Toledo's board of inspectors to see if they were going to fine any other business owners was not returned.

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