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Akron: Victims in quadruple homicide identified

Kimlyn Circle, Akron Kimlyn Circle, Akron
Kimlyn Circle, Akron Kimlyn Circle, Akron

The Summit County Medical Examiner now confirming that four people who were all shot on Kimlyn Circle had been shot in the head and had been dead less than a day.

The question still remains: Why?  At this point there is no motive.

Thursday's gruesome discovery could be the largest single homicide in the city.

The bodies were discovered after a 911 call from a caller who is calm and composed, "My neighbor told me to call police he said there bodies in the basement," the caller said.

There was no surveillance at the apartments.  Akron Police dispatched near 50 officers to the scene to gather any evidence or statements.

A day after the bodies were found, family members remain in shock and disbelief.

"My son did not deserve this. Anybody that was in there did not deserve this," said April Roberts-Gilbert.  Her son was one of the four victims.

"Oh my God, why would somebody do this?" one mourner asked. 

Akron Police say the victims have been all positively identified.  They are Ronald Roberts, 24, Kem Delaney, 23, Maria Nash and Kiana Welch, both 19.

"I can't explain it. She called me from work and said  Daddy come get me Ronald's been shot," said Ronald's grandfather, Deon Walters. 

"My son would've given you his last dime. Whatever this was about, it was senseless," said Roberts-Gilbert. 

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