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Does It Work: Wuggle Pets

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Kids love toys, but they can be expensive. So cutting out the middle man and building them yourself may be a way to make your child happy, while saving a few bucks. That is, if you have the patience for it. 
Wuggle Pets are stuffed animals that you stuff yourself with items included in the box. There are eight Wuggle Pets total, with each box containing two. 

Under the ages 4 and up logo, it says "parental supervision required." So it's possible a 4-year-old will not be able to put everything together. 

Deboxing the package, there doesn't appear to be much to the whole process. There really aren't that many components for playing, even though the instruction list runs 14 steps deep. 

After starting, it wasn't long before frustration set in. The whole premise is that your two Wuggle Pets are empty and you simply pump them full of stuffing. But in doing so, there were zippers and a temporary "where is the magic dust" glitter issue. 

Then, the stuffing decided it wanted out of the Wuggle Pet, forcing the stuffing to be put back in by hand, defeating the purpose of the stuffing pump. 

Still, it can be done. If patience is your virtue, then Wuggle Pets could be a cute project for you and your child. Otherwise, you may want to leave the toy building to manufacturers.

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