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Mass Murder: Four bodies found in the basement of an Akron home

Four bodies found in Akron home Four bodies found in Akron home
Ronald Durham Ronald Durham

Akron Police, the Summit County Coroner and the crime lab were at a home at 42 Kimlyn Circle, off of Independence.

Four bodies were found in the basement of a home. Police say they were all shot.  

"Oh my God, why would somebody do this?" one mourner asked. 

As word got out around Kimlyn Circle, friends and loved ones couldn't contain their anguish.

"My son did not deserve this. Anybody that was in there did not deserve this," said April Roberts-Gilbert. 

Akron Police say the victims, two men and two women, were in their early 20's were.

Police are not releasing positive identification but Ronald Durham's family tells me the 24-year old and his girlfriend Kiana Welch were among the victims.

"I can't explain it. She called me from work and said  Daddy come get me Ronald's been shot," said Duham's grandfather, Deon Walters. 

"My son would've given you his last dime. Whatever this was about, it was senseless," said Roberts-Gilbert. 

The AMHA property is not notorious for trouble. Police say the door was locked and there was no sign of forced entry. Investigators believe the bodies had been there less than a week when someone from the complex alerted them to the homicides. 

"The actual call came in, and said there were bodies in the basement of a neighbors apartment," said Lt. Rick Edwards with the Akron Police Department. 

Detectives are now canvassing the neighborhood and surrounding area for clues. 

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