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Dove's 'Real Beauty' campaign effective, powerful. What do you think?

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Ever wonder how other people perceive you, compared to how you perceive yourself? A recent campaign by "Dove" turns those perceptions into reality, and then asks the subject to look at both and explain what they see.

It's a great and moving advertisement, or social experiment as they call it, with portraits drawn by a seemingly unbiased FBI sketch artist. He sits behind a curtain and draws as he listens to women describe themselves. Then others, strangers who've only briefly met the person he's drawing, come in and describe her for a second sketch.

The portraits are decidedly different, and consistently show that the women's descriptions of themselves made for more unflattering portrait results. The descriptions of them by others consistently yielded softer, more flattering results.

Negative body image is a problem many women (and men) have, exacerbated only by cultural pressures and pervasive media imagery glorifying youth, and perpetuating unrealistic definitions of beauty. This ad campaign, or "social experiment," does an effective job of illustrating the issue of negative body image with the women they chose.

What do you think? Did you like the ad campaign? What did it make you think about the concepts of beauty and perception?

Let us know in the comments below.

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