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Northwood hopes to add police patrol in schools

NORTHWOOD, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Northwood police, along with the Northwood School District, are discussing a new security measure to keep students safe.

Safety in schools has become an important issue since the tragic school shooting in Newtown, CT. It is a tragedy schools in Northwood never want to see, which is why officials are trying to put a police officer inside the schools.

"We're looking at trying to bring a School Resource Officer in our schools. We understand the safety is paramount to our children," said Chief Thomas Cairl.

At a city of the whole meeting earlier this month, the Northwood City Council discussed the possibility of the city sharing the cost of the officer with the police department.

"We're trying to work with the schools and do a 50-50 split on funds. It looks like, roughly, the funding for an SRO is going to be about $84,000," said Cairl.

According to Cairl, the city can apply for a Drug Abuse Resistance Education grant. He says they will receive around $11,000, cutting the total down to $36,000 each. Although this can seem like an unreachable goal, Cairl says this has been done in the past.

"Several years ago we did have a DARE officer. When the recession came around, we had to eliminate that position," explained Cairl.

That position was part-time. Now officials are looking towards a full-time SRO position to have an officer throughout each building during regular school hours.

"The SRO covers three things: It does law enforcement, also does teaching, it also does mentoring. And mentoring also does a lot of good things in our community: They get to see the officers in a better light," said Cairl.

There is no set date when the officer will begin because it all depends on funding.

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