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Toledo Humane Society takes dogs from hoarder home

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Toledo Area Humane Society has 11 new dogs in their care.

They are an emergency placement partner with the Humane Society of the United States, so they have taken in nine dogs involved in an animal hoarding case out of southern Ohio, and two dogs displaced by Hurricane Isaac.

Over 100 animals were found in Belmont County, Ohio in March at one home, many were extremely emaciated and scared.

"My guess is, this may have been one of those situations where it maybe started out as a case where she thought she was taking in animals, and it just got out of control," said Cyndi Condit with the Toledo Area Humane Society.

After three weeks of being physically nursed back to health, nine dogs were delivered to Toledo to be placed in foster homes and eventually adopted.

"Most of the animals had no access to food and water, most of them didn't have any type of shelter whatsoever," Condit said. "These guys have had a pretty rough start and we're hoping to make that better for them."

Joining those dogs are Sweetpea and Troy, two pit bulls who have been in shelters since August, after Hurricane Isaac left them homeless.

It's a lot of animals to take in at once, and they'll be taking in three more from the hoarding case later this week, but the humane society welcomes them.

"We're glad that we're able to help out wherever we're able to," Condit said. "We had a couple of days warning that we were going to be getting them, so we've been contacting fosters and making arrangements."

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