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Findlay needs federal funds for flood prevention study

FINDLAY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Just days after the Blanchard River flooded and closed dozens of roads in Findlay, Hancock County commissioners are emphasizing the importance of receiving federal funds from the Army Corps of Engineers, in order to complete their multimillion dollar flood prevention study.

The Hancock County commissioners say getting federal funds for the Blanchard River Flood Study is still a work in progress because of wording in their continuing resolution with the Army Corps.

"If the project was not funded in 2012, it cannot receive funding in 2013," explained Phillip Riegele, Hancock County commissioner.

The problem with the agreement is the flood study did not receive funding in 2012. That means Hancock County is in jeopardy of never seeing $1.5 million worth of federal money this year. Commissioners have $8 million saved, but do not want to use the funds. They say they could receive carry-over money from the Army Corps of Engineers and use it for the flood study instead.
"We believe that our project should have those carry-over funds up to 1.5 million," said Riegele.

Some residents living near the Blanchard River say this study is all talk and the reality of constantly packing and moving every time it floods is exhausting.

"Yea, we put up all our stuff, but it's something we're always used to. It came up pretty fast so we just left," said Zack Cupp.

Cupp's street was one of dozens in the city completely flooded.

"When I came home all my siding was all the way in the backyard," said Cupp.

Some of his neighbors have moved away to avoid the constant flooding, but he says you have to have the money.

"Gotta have money to move. I just gotta save money, but you can't just get up and leave whenever you want," said Cupp.

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