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Board makes new offer in teachers' strike, union counters

Strongsville teachers strike Strongsville teachers strike

The Strongsville Education Association has countered a new proposal released by the school board earlier on Monday.

In addition to differences on crucial language issues, the SEA counterproposal requires the district to honor the experience salary steps as required by Ohio law. Further, the SEA proposal calls for employees who will not see step increases to get one-time stipends for each of the next two years. Most of these employees have not had a raise in four years, despite continued concessions that have decreased their overall compensation by an amount far greater than the stipend that is sought. [View the union's counterproposal HERE]

Earlier in the day Monday, the City Schools Board made a new offer to striking teachers in Strongsville on Sunday night during a marathon negotiation session. [View the new proposal HERE]

The following statement was released:

"The Strongsville City Schools Board of Education (BOE) has stood behind its last best offer made on March 2 for the past seven weeks. It was an offer based upon the financial information we had at the time. Based upon the actual tax receipts, the revenue projections have changed. We plan to use some of these new funds to reduce the general education and pay-to-participate fees. In an effort to bring the teachers back to the classroom, we have updated the proposal to the teachers union as well," said Board President David Frazee "The bottom line is that this is a proposal that our school district can afford and sustain."

"We have offered a proposal that provides the teachers with a half-step increase for each of two years or a one-time cash payment of $1,200 depending on their position," said Frazee.

The Strongsville Education Association (SEA) released the following early Monday morning:

Yesterday (Sunday) the Board finally admitted what the SEA has known for the last 6 months. They have $3.2 million more than they have claimed. When added to the $1.6 million saved since the strike began, the total is $4.8 million.

Last night the Board could have ended the strike and returned the teachers to their classrooms immediately. Unfortunately, $4.8 million isn't enough to convince the Board to put students ahead of their personal agendas.

The district is asking teachers to pay more of the healthcare costs. Teachers want to unfreeze a merit pay system the district had.

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Monday marks Week 7 of the strike.

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