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BOIL ALERT: Water restored after massive water main break in Akron

Water main repair underway Water main repair underway

Water and power has been restored to several houses in an Akron neighbored after a massive water main break at West North Street and North Valley in the city of Akron Thursday.

"It was crazy.  I was in my room watching TV.  It sounded like it was raining.  I looked out the window and it was flooded, just flooded," said Kari Jiminez.

Jiminez and her kids had to be rescued by boat along with several others living on the street.

The break sent water rushing so hard and so fast into the area that a house lost it's foundation.  Eyewitnesses say the people who live here got out and haven't been back since.

"It looked like a war zone,  looked like Niagara Falls let loose down there, pretty bad shape," said Dale Bensch. 

One of the homes, which had its foundation washed away, will have to be demolished, but the city believes is was a foreclosure.   

Due to severe low pressures caused by a 36" diameter water main break Thursday evening, the Akron Water Department issued a precautionary boil order for all Akron water customers in Fairlawn and Copley which is expected to be in place until Saturday evening.

The break also prompted the closure of St. Vincent St. Mary  on Friday, April 12. Classes will resume on Monday, April 15.

Police are asking drivers to refrain from using the areas of North, Aqueduct, Valley and Gold. Those intersections remain blocked off. 

According to reports the 36" main is just 42 years old but it is the second time since November that it has ruptured.

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