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Does It Work: Pajama Jeans

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Everyone feels comfy in their pajamas, and now, you may be able to take that feeling to work with Pajama Jeans. But does it work?

They're the pajamas you live in. The jeans you sleep in. Pajama Jeans are supposed to be pajama soft on the inside and European-styled with stitching and brass rivets on the outside. First thing you notice is they are soft and stretchy and there's a drawstring, so you can cinch it.

Ellen tries them on. She wears a small normally, and the Pajama Jeans are mediums made to fit size 10-12.

"I think they're really awesome," said Ellen. "I was worried about the fit because we got mediums, you wear a small."

So, the test is to walk Ellen around her co-workers to see if anyone notices she's in pajama pants.

"I feel a little awkward asking people what they think about my pants," said Ellen.

But that's what we had to do because no one was noticing anything unusual.

However, this wasn't nearly public enough. Risking an almost certain arrest for indecency, we take our pajamas to the streets asking people how they like the pants. No one could tell they were pajamas. 

The Pajama Jeans have passed the jean part, but how are they as pajamas?

"Oh, they're great. I think I could totally take a nap right now," said Ellen. "The rivets don't bother you at all."

About the only objection Ellen can come up with is the ickyness of getting in bed wearing something you've worn in public all day.

Does it work? We give the Pajama Jeans a "yes."

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