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Pinwheels for child abuse prevention in Hancock County

Many people wore blue Wednesday to support the preventionof child abuse and neglect, but in Findlay, they did things a little different.

There were 368 pinwheels placed in front of the HancockCounty Courthouse. That number represents the amount of open and investigatedchild abuse cases in the county last year. It's only a small fraction of theapproximately 1,300 calls Hancock County Children's Services receives each yearto report child abuse.

The goal of the display is to remind people that childabuse happens everywhere. There are signs to look for:

"A lot of times you'll see children very withdrawn, veryunderweight," said Diana Hoover, of Hancock County Children's Services. "Maybesometimes with abuse, they'll wear clothing that's inappropriate for theweather, like maybe it's really warm, but they have on long sleeves."

On a positive note, the amount of pinwheels hasdecreased. In 2011, there were 408 cases of child abuse.

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