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Sylvania Twp prepares for winter in park


Sylvania Township officials are working on a plan to makeone of their parks a year-round destination.

Olander Park officials already have plans to set up asledding hill for next winter, but their vision goes beyond that.

They eventually want to see three sledding hills, an icerink, and a stargazing shelter in the park. Park commissioners are also lookinginto the cost of adding snow-making machines and lights.

Funding for the proposed project will come from Olander'soperating levy, but has not yet been determined. Commissioners are waiting foran exact cost before deciding whether to move forward with the project or not.

At least some residents support the project.

"It will help the home value system to have the parks…soyeah, I'm all for it," said Bob Lohman. "I definitely think it will be popular."
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