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Craigslist job scam involves local university

(Toledo News Now) -

Looking for work on Craigslist may lead to trouble. It did for one anonymous local, who was scammed out of her pay.

She applied for a cleaning job on Craigslist, but when the check arrived in the mail, it was paid by Tiffin University. The problem was that the college didn't write the check.

Upon further research, she discovered the ad on Craigslist had been removed, along with the email address. The phone number she had for her would-be employer was disconnected.

Now she is warning others.

"There's other people that are as upset as I am because this is a scam," she said. "If I had put the money in the bank or wrote checks against it, it would have bounced because there wouldn't have been any money in there, and I would have had to pay that."

A spokesman from Tiffin University is aware of the scam and recommends calling the police immediately.

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