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Neighborhood organization pushes to keep street patrol

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Security is a top priority for the Burroughs Neighborhood Organization (BNO), and they want to keep Signal 88 patrolling their streets.

Crime logs are kept by Signal 88 patrol officers after every patrol they do. The neighborhood organization is sharing those logs with members as part of their renewal drive, to show that Signal 88 is making a difference.

"We recently had a human-trafficking ring that we believe was in one of the local houses, and [Signal 88] sat and watched that along with the Toledo Police Department," said Molly Tomaszewski, BNO member. "But they're involved. When we tell them of a situation, they get on it."

BNO has had Signal 88 patrolling for 10 months – patrolling three times a day, thanks to dues paid by 250 members. It's only $65 per year to be a paying member of Signal 88 service. Now the BNO's goal is to get 350 paying members for six patrols a day.

"Since we've started doing this, there's been a significant decrease in everything," said Jenson Reichley, operations manager for Signal 88. "From the foot traffic, to the vacant houses."

Reichley patrols the Burroughs neighborhood daily. He says now that Signal 88 is in the neighborhood, it needs to stay, in order to maintain what they've worked for.

"What normally happens is they realize, ‘Oh, okay, well everything is slowed down. We don't have the loitering, we don't have the people hanging around,' so they cut back," he explained. "Well, within a week's time, everything comes back."

The neighborhood's contract with Signal 88 ends June 15. They need member payments by June 1 to keep the patrols going after that.

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