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MARTA overcrowding causes some problems for Final Four fans


The city has been telling people for weeks to take MARTA because of the Final Four and people definitely listened.

In fact, so many people took the advice it ended up leading to a few problems.

Breezy Neilsen is a Michigan fan who is in town for games.

"It was packed to the walls at each train stop," Neilsen said.

And when you can barely move one way or the other, that can cause problems and according to some people, it did.

"There were people getting packed in and the doors wouldn't shut. We waited for 20 minutes because people were leaning up against doors," Neilsen said.

Delays like that at each stop made for some very late trains.

"We didn't get back to the hotel until two in the morning and the game was over at 11:45," Neilsen said.

Bernice Brown is a local who was shocked by how long people had to wait.

"I don't think MARTA was equipped to handle the volume," said Brown.

But not everybody was angry with MARTA.

Some said it's the Final Four so the large crowds were expected.

"You see the big crowds after the game and it looks intimidating like you're never going to get on, but it moved real quickly. It was nice," said Carson Albanese, who is visiting from Buffalo, NY.

"Definitely expected there to be a lot of people and I figured there would be some bumping elbows and everything, but it worked out pretty well. It wasn't too bad," Brendan Schreiner said.

Even with the big crowds, Albanese and Schreiner both said they didn't see the problems others did.

"The trains were going every few minutes when they said they would. It was great," Albanese said.

"I've never been to Atlanta. This is my first time here ever, and it's been a great experience using MARTA," Albanese said.

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