Don't Waste Your Money: Cars that don't break down

(Toledo News Now) - If your car is out of warranty, you know how expensive repairs can be. A simple fuel pump replacement can cost $600 or more, and you don't even want to think about a transmission. But there are some cars that almost never break down.

Looking to buy a car this spring that won't drain your wallet with repairs? You may want to ask a mechanic about which cars rarely break down because there are some that almost never need to be fixed.

Auto mechanics, like most of us these days, want to work. Mechanics like Jim Schulten hate cars that never break down, because they don't make money off them.

So which cars are so reliable they don't bring much money to his shop?

"I would say that definitely at the top of the list would be Hondas and Toyotas," said Schulten.

Schulten's comments echo a new tongue in cheek report from Tom and Ray Magliozzi, the Click and Clack Brothers of public radio. The brothers recently listed the cars they hate, and topping the list is the Honda Civic.

Schulten says the Civic had the bugs worked out years ago.

"It's a simple car. My father used to say, 'The more stuff on a car, the more there is to break.' Honda is a nice, simple car," said Schulten.

Ditto for the next car on the list: Toyota Corolla.

"Corolla is the same deal: very simple car, reliable. They've been making them for years," said Schulten.

Other cars mechanics don't see much:

-Honda Accord

-Toyota Camry - minus its sudden acceleration recall

-Ford Fusion

"Ford is making inroads, especially with its Fusion," said Schulten.

On the flip side, Schulten says cars that bring mechanics lots of money are first-year models because they have bugs, and luxury cars, because they are so expensive to fix.

"The more the gizmos and gadgets. It's much more expensive," said Schulten.

Finally, if you are looking for a four-wheel drive vehicle, Click and Clack recommend several Subaru models as most reliable when it comes to all-wheel drive.

That way you don't waste your money.

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