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Gov. calls for dangerous animal response teams across Ohio

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Governor John Kasich iscalling on local agencies to come up with a plan and a response team to handlea particular kind of emergency: dangerous animals that escape into thecommunity.

It's called a "DangerousWild Animal Response Team," and soon there will be one in each county acrossOhio.

The list includes wolves,monkeys, and certain snakes.

"I'm sure we do have quitea few people who own these types of animals that are on this list," said FultonCounty Emergency Management Director Heather Kost.

In 2011, dangerous animalswere released into a community in Muskingum County. Now the governor wants tomake sure that if something like that happens again, people will know how torespond.

"This is an initiative putin place by the governor, and passed to each county," Kost said.

Kost says Fulton Countyalready has their team in place. It consists of representatives from lawenforcement agencies, first aid responders, and even a dangerous animal owner.

"It's like anything else,"she said. "Hope that it never happens, but if it were to happen, everybodywould know, the responders would know what the plan is."

The next step is to submitthe team members' names to the state, Kost said, then they'll follow guidelinesto come up with a response plan.

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