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Heavy metal conference attracts international scholars

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) -

International scholars and students came together for a 4-day conference at Bowling Green State University, which began Thursday.

The conference is unusual, though, due to its topic: heavy metal music.

Organizers say they're hoping to break some of the negative stereotypes associated with the music, and to expose participants to other aspects of the genre.

Scholars of heavy metal music are in Bowling Green to take part in lectures, discussions, and live performances throughout the weekend.

The conference was in planning stages for three years, and it's a response to the increasing interest in heavy metal as a serious field of academic study.

"I think heavy metal music, like some other musical styles throughout our history of popular music, has been labeled in a negative way," said Dr. Matthew Donahue, an organizer of the conference. "That is only just a stereotype."

The conference continues until Sunday, April 7, and will feature topics like gender roles in heavy metal, racial politics of heavy metal, and even the genre's role in comic books.

For more information, visit the BGSU website, or view the conference agenda.

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