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Plain Dealer cuts down on home delivery

The Plain Dealer is its changing operations.

They will still print a paper seven days a week, but it won't come to your house, everyday.

If you subscribe to The Plain Dealer you'll get it at home only on Sundays and two other days to be determined, starting this summer.  It's a cost cutting measure affecting readers and staff.

Getting their news from a hard copy of The Plain Dealer is a way of life for the folks at Harbor Court in Rocky River.

"It's always at my door when I get up," said Muriel Seifert.

"I look forward to that paper in the morning. I don't have a computer…it's how I find out what's going on," said Pat Bitonti.

Senior subscribers are disappointed to hear they'll have get to a store or machine on days that the PD has eliminated home delivery. And they admit they have limited or no computer skills.

"How are we going to go to a machine?" said Bitonti.

"I can understand why this is happening but they should make special provisions for people like me," said Rita McLaughlin.

"I'll do without I guess. What option do I have?" said Seifert.

Some are threatening to drop the paper all together, and say The Plain Dealer's loss will be other news outlets' gain.

"I will call West Life and have them send me their paper one day a week and I'll see if I can get a couple other papers other days a week," said McLaughlin.

Local Newspaper Guild President Harlan Spector says this move is unnecessary, but it will save one third of newsroom jobs, for now.

"Any time you can save jobs for a couple more months that's a good's definitely a sad state of affairs in journalism" he said.

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