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Does It Work: Pedi Paws

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When it comes to pets, trimming their nails can be tricky. Makers of Pedi Paws say the product can make it a much easier task, but does it work?

It's the incredible pet nail trimmer: fast, easy and gentle.

Gayle Helms starts by acquainting her cat, Lilly, with the Pedi Paws device both on and off - a trick they strongly suggest in the product instructions. Soon, this girl was getting a manicure unlike she's ever had before.

Helms loves how smooth it gets Lilly's nails. It's much better than conventional clippers.

"Sometimes if your clippers are not real sharp, it's going to make the edges real jagged, and that's rough, especially on a little house dog, where it's getting in your lap and it's scratching you. But this really does work," said Helms.

If you can't tell by now, Pedi Paws is really just a spinning cylinder of sandpaper. There's a good motor on it though and the special opening for the nail makes it nearly fool-proof.

In about 15 seconds, Helms does a whole foot - a job she says normally takes 10 or 15 minutes, which is a major time saver.

"I'm surprised the noise isn't freaking her out," said Helms.

Lilly adjusted quicker than her owner could have expected. It couldn't have gone more smoothly.

As cat owners know, cats are often more difficult pets. Not just because they're cats, but because you have to press on their little pads to get the nail out.

Not everybody loved it though. There was an attempted escape.

Helms said the size of the hole will work on any dog or cat's nails. She loved the product so much we let her keep it!

Does it work?

"Oh definitely. I'd give this a big 10," said Helms.

Easy enough to use every week, the Pedi Paws gets a "yes."

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