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Martin Luther King, III speaks at Mason Temple 45 years after father's last public speech

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – "I'm not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord," Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said in his final public speech 45 years ago. Wednesday night, his son stood in that same spot, to carry on his father's mission.

The anniversary celebration at Mason Temple was a very inspiring and moving celebration at the place where Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. gave his famous mountaintop speech  45 years ago, in the very spot his son was speaking.

Mason Temple was filled with people including former sanitation workers who went on strike in 1968 for better wages and working conditions, the reason Dr. King came to Memphis.

They heard from the national head of their union, AFSCME, the CEO of the NAACP and the head of NOW. Martin Luther King, III told the crowd much has been accomplished, but more needed to be done.

"I love to have been able to come to this anniversary feeling great about where we are," Martin Luther King, III said. "For my father and his team wanted to address what he called the Triple Evils. And that evil, of course my mom addressed them in her lifetime, resonated under the triple evils of poverty, racism and militarism/violence."

Martin Luther King, III also said it is sad that an organization like the KKK came to Memphis and that an organization that still spews hatred is still around.

One former sanitation worker who marched in 1968 said he is honored to be here but the work is not done. And those workers will be remembered Thursday with a street named after them, "1968 Strikers Lane."

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