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Target enforcement results in 200 E Toledo arrests

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

From March 15 to 24, police officers conducted what they called a target enforcement action in east Toledo, where they noticed a high number of burglaries recently.

Over 200 arrests were made in those 10 days, 50 of which were felony arrests officers saw happening. Also during that time, eight search warrants were executed.

Police Chief Derrick Diggs said the results were phenomenal, and the department will be doing more target enforcement actions regularly throughout the summer months in other neighborhoods.

Diggs also said the action was successful thanks to the help of block watch groups, and is encouraging the start-up of more groups throughout Toledo.

"Neighborhood watch is very, very important," Diggs said. "We have to have that community engagement; we have to have the citizens working with us. They have to be our eyes and ears…They've got to be able to pick out the bad people in their neighborhoods and, most importantly, they have to be willing to come forward and testify when crime is in their community."

Of the 200 arrests, Diggs said there was a wide variety of crimes being committed, including related to drugs, gangs, and gun crimes.

Most notably, however, there were no robberies during their 10-day sweep.

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