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Hancock County special needs children need foster homes

HANCOCK COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Dozens of children inHancock County are in need of foster homes, but some children have a hardertime being placed than others.

There are currently 52children in the custody of Hancock County Job and Family Services. Nearly halfof them were exposed to drugs before they were even born. Now the department ishaving trouble finding homes for them.

Social Services SupervisorAngela Rader says children with special needs are more difficult to care for.The majority of Hancock County foster parents work, and the extra care aspecial needs child requires can be too much for some of them to handle.

"They're usually in thehospital for a greater amount of time, getting medical care after they're born,"Rader said. "Not every family is prepared to deal with that."

In addition to this, thereare fewer foster parents this year to care for the children. Normally, thereare a little more than 20, this year, the department is down to 14.

For more information,visit the Hancock County Job and FamilyServices website.

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