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Sylvania reviewing sign ordinance

SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The City of Sylvania is reviewing changes to the city's temporary sign code.

The city is currently in litigation with a resident who believes its sign ordinance violates the First Amendment.

Daniel Greenberg was cited by the city for placing an Obama/Biden sign in his yard in July – earlier than the current ordinance would allow.

Currently, the ordinance allows signs to be placed in the homeowner's yard 70 days before the event (in this case, an election), and has to come down seven days after.

Now council is looking to see if the code needs re-written to remove that language, possibly allowing signs to stay up for up to a year.

Council tabled the proposed changes at their last meeting, to get further information.

"Some members of council wanted some additional information…as far as possibilities on how the legislation…should or shouldn't be worded," explained Kevin Aller, director of the Department of Public Services.

The information gathered will be heard at council's next meeting on April 15.

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