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Police: Crime cameras to go where needed most

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

There are currently 75 crime cameras in the Glass City, with more to start rolling in coming months.

Since the cameras were first set up last year, police say crime has gone down significantly in areas with cameras.

"When we first brought that out, we had all the people that were concerned about…big brother watching, and all this other stuff," said Mayor Mike Bell. "Now we've got people that are actually ordering cameras. They want to be a part of this system because they've found out how well it works."

Of the 75 cameras, 72 are marked, and three are less obvious to spot. Police say that's for good reason.

"We have covert cameras also, that are used for investigations, and for areas where we just want to have some surveillance in the area, without necessarily letting everybody know that there's a camera there," explained Toledo Police Captain Michael Troendle.

Police are now gearing up to roll out at least 70 more cameras in coming months. Where they will be placed is based on crime data.

"Break-ins to cars, violent crime is also a major thing we're looking at, but we're looking at the minor crimes, too," Troendle said. "The regular assaults, the loitering, those kinds of crimes that we feel the cameras can impact."

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