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Active shooter training for area officers

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More than 40 officers in the area are learning how to respond in the event of an active shooter.

"You never know where or when this type of situation is going to happen," said Bob Reed, Holland Police Chief.

Active shooter trainings are happening across the country. Tuesday, officers from several area departments gathered at Springfield High School for their own training.

"It happens in the biggest of cities, and the smallest of towns," Reed said. "It's our obligation to make sure our officers are trained and able to respond to the threat. It's not only our obligation to my officers, but to the citizens that we all protect."

The training involved different scenarios, such as how to move in a hallway, entering rooms, clearing rooms, and doing it all safely and quickly.

The goal is to make sure when agencies arrive on the scene, they react together.

"It's very unlikely that you will have four, five, six officers from the same department responding to something like this," explained Bryan Mangin of the Ohio Highway Patrol's Special Response Team. "You'll have having the state patrol, your local PD, the county…anybody, basically, that is in law enforcement will be responding. It's important that all of those agencies are trained the same way."

The Special Response Team will continue its training to more officers or Thursday.

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