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East side attacks have neighborhood on edge

The news that another woman has been attacked in the Mount Pleasant Neighborhood has residents looking over their shoulders.   

Jennings Bauknight has lived near E. 116th much of his life, he says, "You got people who catch the bus for years and now they getting attacked over here."  

Now Bauknihgt is worried for the woman in the area.  

Latrice Ford says she is changing her routine. "I shouldn't be outside walking by myself at night, cuz I don't want that to be me," says Ford.

The latest attack happened Saturday, a 20 year old woman was headed for work and was walking toward the bus stop at E. 116th and Forest.  

Cleveland Police say she crossed the street at Harvey and that's when she was attacked and sexually violated.

Reports say the was dragged to an abandoned home and when she screamed for help three good Samaritans came to her aid.   

20 year old Jasmine Trotter wasn't so lucky.  She was found murdered on March 26th, she had also been walking to work in the same general area.

A few days after Trotter's body was found cops found the body of 45 year old Christine Malone. 

A source close to the case says the two murders are not connected. 

This latest attack is similar to Trotters, however, police say there is no evidence at this time linking the two incidents. 

Even so, two murders and one assault towards women in less than two weeks, concerns Kathy Harris, "I've been staying here my whole life.  I'm not scared.  Worried but not scared".

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