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Perrysburg Schools add portable classrooms for growing student population

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Perrysburg Schools are busting at the seams. Now the district must turn to portable units to house some of their elementary students.

The district is purchasing five portable classroom units for what officials are saying is a short-term fix to overcrowding. The units will be purchased from Sylvania Schools, and each unit holds two classrooms.

"We've hit that point where there just isn't that kind of space to accommodate the additional students, so portables make a lot of sense," explained Superintendent Tom Hosler. "It's not our first choice, obviously, but what we do like is the fact that we can have those students at that neighborhood school."

The schools have been growing for the last seven years. Hosler says the middle school has more flexibility with space, but that's not the case at the elementary level.

"In the elementary, you really don't have that luxury because you need one teacher, one classroom, so that's really a limitation," he said.

If they didn't bring in portable units, Hosler said students would lose valuable parts of their curriculum, such as art and music classrooms and computer labs.

Some parents weren't happy about the changes, but they said they understand it's necessary for the number of students.

"We have no control over who chooses to move into our community, or how many houses are going to be built in our community, we just have to educate those students and take great care of them when they come," Hosler said.

The district hopes to eventually build a seventh and eighth grade middle school building.

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