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Hopes for assisted living facility, jobs in McComb

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MCCOMB, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Village of McComb istrying to strengthen their economy. Village officials say the only way toaccomplish that goal is to attract new business to their small town.

So they have agreed to pay$7,000 to conduct a feasibility study that will determine the best way toattract businesses to the village. The focus of the study will be creating anursing home or assisted living center, which would be built on 46 acres ofland in the village.

"some of the seniors thatlive in town call this their home and they've lived here all their lives," saidKevin Siefered, the village administrator. "They don't want to have to move outof town."

Bud Dewiss has lived inMcComb for 77 years. He says he doesn't want to be forced to move away when heneeds extra care.

"I think most everybodywould be excited to see it, because it would be keeping the seniors at hand,families wouldn't have to go so far to see them," Dewiss said.

Local business ownerTeresa Andrews says business has been slow, but that would change if there weremore jobs in the town. Later this year, a Subway will go inside Great Scotsupermarket, and a Dollar General will be built across the street.

"If the Dollar General iscoming in, and Subway, and we can get the assisted living in McComb, then a lotof people could find jobs," Andrews said.

She, like others, ishoping job creation will bring new life into her small town.

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