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Google+ to allow animated GIFs as profile pictures

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According to a report by the technology news site Mashable, Google+ now allows users to use animated GIF images as their profile pictures.

Which, is kind of awesome if you like moving images. Check out the very first Google + GIF avatar, on the profile of software engineer Matt Steiner.

{Click here to see probably the most famous GIF of all, the Dramatic Chipmunk}

As it stands, Facebook does not currently allow users to display animated images as a profile picture. And Twitter discontinued support for animated GIFs as profile pictures in September. But - Twitter recently launched "Vine" which is a 6 second loop of video that's a lot like a GIF, but with audio. (However, there have been many complaints that Vine has been overused for, let's say, NSFW purposes)

[more GIF examples here, on our Tumblr page]

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