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Liberty Center gets boost to school security system

HENRY COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Between door locks, cameras, and a two-way communication buzzer, Liberty Center officials are taking school security to the next level.

"Our kids are going to be safe," said Jeff Kirkendall, technology director at Liberty Center Schools. "Everybody knows we're watching, we're monitoring, and we're keeping their kids safe."

About 30 cameras are installed throughout the building, but school officials aren't the only ones watching. The Henry County Sheriff's Office will also have real-time access to the footage, which can be helpful in an emergency.

"They will have the ability to not only see what's going on and where these people are going, but what they've already done, and any other information that normally they can not get until way after the crime has been committed," Kirkendall said.

But the new system isn't just for emergencies, it will also help with day-to-day operations. Before any guest can enter the school, they'll have to be buzzed in by a secretary. They will then be watched by the cameras until they make it to the office.

"It's really awesome," said Sarah Aschliman, a Liberty Center parent. "My kid will go there from 6-7 hours every day. I want my kid to be safe."

The installation wrapped up last week. As of Monday, the locks and cameras were up and running.

"It makes me feel really confident that they care about us and our safety," said Gaby Hawkins, a Liberty Center Junior.

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