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Different story emerges in lawsuit against Browns star Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson Trent Richardson
Car in Richardson lawsuit (Source: Lorain County Sheriff's Office) Car in Richardson lawsuit (Source: Lorain County Sheriff's Office)
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A different story is emerging surrounding a lawsuit against Browns star Trent Richardson.

The suit was filed Friday by Krystal Jones and Kathleen Hunter against Richardson, his girlfriend, his brother and two others.  The women say they were beaten up at Richardson's home in December, and Richardson ordered it. The suit says the trouble started when one of the women asked to see Richardson's brother because they'd had a relationship, but the football star flew into a rage, and he wouldn't let the women pull out of the driveway until he called out other women to assault them.

But 19 Action News obtained reports from the Lorain County Sheriff's Department, the agency that did the criminal investigation.

In a statement to deputies, Richardson said Krystal Jones and a friend "started a big commotion."  He said, she "almost cracked my glass door by slamming as hard as she could." Richardson said he was trying to get the women to leave and Krystal Jones "tried to hit me, and the other friend hit Sevina (his live-in girlfriend)."

In the suit, the women claim they were invited to the house, but the statements reflect they were uninvited.

The suit also claims Richardson damaged the car the women were in by slamming a fist into the hood. But he told deputies the vehicle drove toward him and his truck, and he just put his hand down hard to get that vehicle to stop.

A spokesman for the sheriff's department says a copy of the report was sent to the Elyria Prosecutor. A check of court records showed no charges against anyone involved.

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