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NCAA tourney: No method predicts March Madness

The West region was the death of many brackets this year. (Source: RNN) The West region was the death of many brackets this year. (Source: RNN)

(RNN) – This year's Sweet 16 is not sweet for anyone who tried to fill out an accurate bracket.

I say "tried" because no one predicted how this was going to go, though I haven't lost a national champion yet, so there's still hope.

Before discussing the terrible attempts I made, allow me to tell you a little about Florida Gulf Coast University, which has destroyed tens of thousands of brackets across the country. This is only the second year FGCU was eligible to make the tournament, and it is the first 15 seed to make the Sweet 16.

ESPN also felt the need to point out FGCU is the only school in all of college basketball to be undefeated in NCAA tournament play. The only way to do that, of course, is win the championship every year you make the tournament, which wouldn't be so tough if little nobody schools like FGCU weren't all up in your business wreaking havoc and gaining followers every step of the way.

It's too early to hype their undefeated tournament mark, but nevertheless they're still 2-0 in NCAA tournament play.

Here is last week's article in case you forgot my methodology. The brackets can be viewed here.

The brackets:

1. Chalk

Seeing how this tournament has turned out, picking all favorites now looks like a completely foolish thing to do, but it actually isn't all that bad. It's currently the second best of my six brackets, and in the top 89 percent of brackets filled out on

The West region – where Gonzaga lost and Harvard won – is a total mess, and FGCU dealt a crippling blow, but beyond that it's pretty solid.

Who's still alive? Six Elite Eight teams, three Final Four teams and both teams in the championship.

2. My Actual Picks

I never would have called this, but my own personal choices are the best bracket I have right now. However, I had both Georgetown and Gonzaga in the Final Four, so that probably won't last.

I don't think I've ever had an entire region right at this point, and I almost did it twice. As such, I'm currently in the top 0.5 percent of brackets on

I somehow got every game in the East region right – including Cal's upset of UNLV – and putting Oregon in the Sweet 16 boosted my Midwest region, where the only game I missed was a first-round win by Colorado State over Missouri.

It ties the Chalk and Composite brackets with 11 correct Sweet 16 picks, including all four in two regions – something none of my other brackets accomplished. Its chances for continued success, however, are limited.

If not for FGCU, the South region would be in good shape, but I picked almost nothing that happened in the West. Of the four Sweet 16 teams from that region, I chose only Ohio State. The 12, 13 and 14 seeds all won in that region and I picked them all to lose (This was a theme, because Harvard wasn't picked in any of the six brackets I filled out).

Who's still alive? Six Elite Eight teams, two Final Four teams and both teams in the championship.

3. Mascots

The Discovery Channel has lied to me. Everything I know about the animal kingdom is wrong.

There is absolutely no way a Bluejay will beat a Bearcat, a Bulldog stands no chance against a Jaguar, a Wolfpack will not lose to an Owl and a Bulldog can't take down a Bison, yet those all happened.

This is the second to worst bracket I filled out, but it did have FGCU beating Georgetown. The West region is dead. I only got three games right, and none of them were after the first round.

I picked five of the Sweet 16 teams, and only three of them can help improve the bracket from this point forward. This is the only bracket that doesn't have at least two Final Four teams still alive and its hopes rest solely in the hands of Miami.

Who's still alive? Three Elite Eight teams, one Final Four team and the national champion.

4. Field Goal Defense

So yeah, this attempt lost two Final Four teams in the first round, but somehow it's still not the worst bracket I have. It's actually slightly better than the Mascot bracket right now.

One entire region – surprise, surprise it's the West – is almost completely wrong. Ohio State was the only team I had winning in this quadrant, but the Buckeyes can't help it anymore.

This method wasn't afraid of taking the upsets, but unfortunately it missed all the ones that actually happened and lost nearly all the ones it picked. I have seven of the Sweet 16 teams, but only two moving on.

I looked at every game in this bracket trying to find a success story and it's just not there. Although, in theory, one could still develop.

Who's still alive? Two Elite Eight teams, two Final Four teams and the national champion.

5. Coin Flip

Abraham Lincoln is a liar.

It's true that basketball wasn't even invented until 26 years after Lincoln's death, but that is no excuse because the penny I used was minted in 1992. Honest Abe's bracket is the worst of the six. I expected better.

Ironically, it is the South where Lincoln did his best work. Old Abe nailed all but one of the first round games in this region, but lost every second round game. He even took FGCU over Georgetown. Lincoln correctly said LaSalle would beat Kansas State, picked Minnesota's upset of UCLA and called Cal's win over UNLV.

But beyond that, it's been pretty disastrous. There are 8 million better brackets on Abe is in the bottom 0.8 percent, and doesn't have much of a chance to improve.

Who's still alive? Two Elite Eight teams, two Final Four teams and the national champion.

6. Composite

I had expected this bracket to be the best because of its groupthink, but it proves the old Demotivator adage that "None of us is as dumb as all of us."

It's currently third but has the best chance to improve as the rounds go on, so that might be a premature statement. I'm still expecting this bracket to turn out as the best one.

It's only game different from the chalk bracket so far is missing Colorado State's win over Missouri, but this is the only bracket with all of its Final Four teams still alive.

This bracket missed two first round games in the East region, but was otherwise perfect there, and has two other regions where it chose three of the four teams in the Sweet 16. But like all the other brackets, the West is a wasteland, and Ohio State is the only team still alive in that region.

Who's still alive? Six Elite Eight teams and all four Final Four teams.

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