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More about street drug '25i' connected to UT student death

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

After learning that Josiah Galat, a UT student found dead in December, tested positive for a drug called 25i, a UT professor has provided some insight into what the drug does.

Dr. William Messer, professor and chair of the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Toledo Medical Center, says 25i is a street drug, derived from other drugs, and developed as a hallucinogenic.

The compound isn't actually illegal, so people have started making it in home labs and selling it on the street.

"These are very potent chemicals," Dr. Messer said. "They have very profound effects on the body and on the brain."

Galat was found stabbed to death after a dispute with another student December 19. A toxicology report revealed 25i was in his system, which has stirred up more questions about the drug. 

"These drugs were originally developed as test compounds to explore the role of different brain proteins and behavior," Messer explained. "These are available, readily available, in different parts of the country. I'm not sure the extent of use here in Toledo, but certainly if it's available, people find a way to either make it, or to buy it, and use it."

Dr. Messer said it's important to understand how drugs work, and to use them properly – the way they were intended.


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