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Families respond after student brings loaded handgun to Raymer

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Some local parents are outraged after a loaded handgun was found inside Raymer Elementary School Friday.

A school employee found the .38 handgun in the pocket of a student's jacket while looking for a missing coat. The school resource officer was immediately contacted and took the gun.

Police say the 15-year-old student admitted to buying the gun from someone on the street. He never showed anyone the gun or made threats, according to police, but he was taken into custody and now parents are questioning their students' safety.

 "Is anything going to happen? Is there going to be another gun there? If it's not a gun, will it be a knife next time?" questioned Nikki Devers, whose niece goes to Raymer. "It's out of hand."

TPS sent out a recorded phone message to Raymer parents about the incident, but some are hoping they will do much more to follow up on it.

"They should talk about how dangerous handguns really are," said Antonio Graciani, whose younger sister goes to Raymer. "And how dangerous someone with that type of power can be to little kids like this."

"It's pretty much out of our hands when they go into the school," Devers said. "It's like, should you keep your kids in public school, or should you home-school them knowing they're going to be safe?"

As for the student that brought the gun, he's in juvenile jail now and faces four felony weapon charges and one misdemeanor. He's due in juvenile court Monday morning.

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