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Fremont Police Department to see budget cuts, not layoffs

Police Chief Wiersma Police Chief Wiersma
FREMONT, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Cuts are being made across the board in Fremont, and the police department is set to take a big hit if council passes their new budget.

City council had their third reading of the budget Thursday night. As it stands, the police department will lose $300,000 from their annual budget.

Police Chief Tim Wiersma said they've been working on this plan since last August, and even though there will be cuts, no officers will be laid off or lose their job.

Wiersma said the department originally wanted to hire four new officers to fill empty positions, but with the proposed budget, they will only be able to hire two. He also said the DARE program – where officers go to local schools to teach children about the dangers of drugs – may be cut.

Even though they may not have as many officers as the chief would like, he said he will work hard to make sure the service level is not impacted by the cuts.

"We are still lower than what we were at one time, but there are a lot of cities that are lower than what they were at one time," he said. "The economy is what it is and this is what we have to deal with."

The chief will also meet with the mayor in two weeks to determine the most effective way to use the money they do have.

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