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Does It Work: Slice-O-Matic

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Over the years, Does It Work has tested a lot of slicers and dicers, but few have made claims as big as the Slice-O-Matic.

Makers of the Slice-O-Matic claim it will slice your prep time in half and slice entire fruits effortlessly in seconds. The commercial even says, "it's so easy you can slice a whole bag of potatoes, even with a blindfold on." Surprisingly, that's a claim that works.

The slicer adjusts to thick and thin slices with the push of a finger.

We start the testing with a cucumber, using the guider cup to hold it upright. The only problem we find at first is the front end. If it were heavier, it would stay in place on the table.

The piece that comes out is actually the piece cut one slice earlier. The Slice-O-Matic uses the next slice of cucumber to push the one out before it.

But size does matter. Only the smallest of potatoes is going to fit. They're able to be cut down, but have to be recut. It seems by the time it's down to a useable size, it could have been easier to just slice the potato by hand.

One thing is for sure, you can slice with just two fingers, like they do in the commericial, but it's tiring.

Next we changed out the blade to do julienne cuts, which worked well, but we still had the issue of the potato being way to big to fit. Onions also did not do well in this - none of them fit. This is the problem with the Slice-O-Matic: it's really too small to do any good.

Does it work? It slices, but needs a bigger opening to really be useful. We give it a "maybe."

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