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Cavs blow lead, fall to Heat in bizarre game

The Heat were supposed to blow out the Cavs Wednesday night, but the Cavs actually came seconds away, from pulling off the upset in a bizarre game.

If you were there, even if you were just watching on television, it is a night and a game you will most likely never forget. Lebron James won't.

"One of the most bizarre, unique days of my life as a basketball player, as a professional," James said.

First, the start of the game was delayed because a carbon dioxide container on the scoreboard, used to create fog during player intros, was dripping condensation on the floor.

"Ready to go, and you have a 40 minute break. And you come out and the team jumps on you, down 27," James added.

That's right, the Cavs, under manned, built a 27 point lead in the third quarter and then blew it - all of it. The Heat came all the way back and won. It was the largest lead blown in Cavs franchise history.

As if all that wasn't enough, some fan wearing a t-shirt that said 'We miss you, 2014 comeback' ran onto the court and approached James.

"He said he missed me, come back, please," James said. "I didn't have much time to say much to him because security got to him, but I patted him on the head."

The fan was issued a citation for criminal trespassing.

James said he wasn't sure what was happening, but he wasn't frightened.

"They have metal detectors here right, so I knew I was okay."

He was, so was his team. It was Miami's 24th straight win.

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