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Call 11 for Action: How to choose a smart phone in the competitive market

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Smart phones are stuck to many people's hands and consumers seem to be able to do more and more with them everyday. You may need a few tips if you're in the market for a new one.

It's crowded out there for smart phone shoppers, and more choices can make it harder to find the best fit. By the end of the spring - or even by the end of March - we're going to have a very competitive market for smart phones.

Apple's easy interface makes it popular, especially among novice smart phone users.

Android phones boast a greater diversity in hardware and more variety in screen size, like the Galaxy S4, for example, which increased its size.

Blackberry remains popular for business and also for those who prefer a physical keyboard over touchscreen.

The live tile interface of a Windows phone makes it user-friendly, and helps users find what they need with fewer steps.

With smart phones fast becoming the go-to device for photos and videos, consider what you'll need if you aim to ditch your traditional camera and consolidate devices. What consumers should be looking to is a camera that has at least 5 - if not 8 - megapixels of resolution, plus has a lot of enhancements for sharing.

Here's something to remember: The more bells and whistles your new phone has, the more data it uses. So make sure you have the right data plan or else you're going to spend a lot of extra money on overage charges.

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