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Elderly man pleads guilty to assaulting neighbor with power washer


A 71-year-old Akron man pleaded guilty to assaulting his neighbor with a power washer.

According to police Edwin J. Heatherly, 71, was using a high-powered pressure washer to clean his grill on June 14.

His next door neighbor of 30 years became upset because the grime from the grill was coming over the fence onto his house. The victim attempted to get Heatherly's attention, but was having trouble because he is deaf and mute. He sprayed his hose at Heatherly in an attempt to get his attention. Heatherly then sprayed his power washer at the victim, cutting his hands, arms, chin, neck and the area behind his ear. Heatherly's wife called police. When they arrived, they found the victim slumped in his yard, bleeding profusely from his face, arms and hands.

Visiting Judge Richard Reinbold immediately sentenced Heatherly to six months in jail and one year of probation.

Heatherly was ordered to have no contact with the victim and pay $43,000 in restitution to the victim.

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