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Wood County prostitution stings bust criminals


In late February, the Wood County Sheriff's Office, along with the help of local police departments, conducted a sting at the Holiday Inn French Quarter on the Fremont Pike in Perrysburg Township, and another local hotel in Northwood, arresting six local residents on charges of soliciting prostitution.

One of those arrested was an employee at the hotel.

Hotel management sent out this statement:

"We have long appreciated the support of the Perrysburg Township Police Department and are proud to assist them in their efforts in fighting crime. As to Mr. Hiral Kholhal, his employment with our organization ended on the day of his arrest."

There is no real pattern for the stings, because the Wood County Sheriff's Office is trying to throw off prostitutes and pimps, to be able to catch them off guard.

"I don't want people who are looking for prostitutes or prostitutes and pimps to think okay well the sheriff's office did a sting, we're good to go for a month, we want to really mess up the patterns so anytime, anyone is looking for a prostitute, or a prostitute or pimp are looking for business in wood county, I want them to really be wondering, are they coming to see a deputy," Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn said.

"What we do is try to figure out where these businesses are taking place, and we're going to go there, we're going to mimic, we follow how they solicit business and we mimic that to look as realistic as we can to really affect this as best as we can," Wasylyshyn added.

The sting in Northwood resulted in 12 arrests

Wasyslyshyn says these stings help them crack down on human trafficking as well.

"What we're really looking for also while we're doing this, is human trafficking, and we have already filed charges against one of the pimps that was forcing the female to be doing prostitution, and that is a very serious felony, and that person will be spending a lot of years in prison."

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