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School safety measures could be supported by property taxes

HOLLAND, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A Senate committee has voted to allow schools to ask voters to support the safety of their students by using tax dollars, which has never been asked of voters in the past.

The vote came shortly after Chardon High School shooter, TJ Lane was sentenced to life in prison Tuesday, for the deadly shooting of three fellow students. Now the bill will go to the Senate for a vote.

The bill would allow school districts to ask voters to support a property tax levy used specifically for school safety. In the wake of the Chardon and Sandy Hook school shootings, schools are doing everything in their power to keep students safe.

At Springfield School District, Superintendent Kathryn Hott says they are currently using their own monies for the safety and security of their school. However, they appreciate having this proposed school safety levy as an option.

"We have done a lot in terms of really increasing our - not only our awareness - but our procedures for safety. We've had all of that in place, but always, refreshers and reminders are good things. In terms of going to our voters as an option to support that, it hasn't even been discussed," said Hott.

If the bill gets passed, school districts could place the levy on a ballot if they choose to do so. There would be a five-year limit on the levy and voters could be asked to renew it.

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