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Outrage over UT DJ’s Steubenville rape comment

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A University of Toledo alumni who works at the school's radio station as a DJ is under scrutiny after sending out a tweet about the Steubenville rape case.

Sunday afternoon, after a guilty verdict was reached in the trial, WXUT's Jimmy Momenee, using the handle @Jimmyontheradio, posted the following on Twitter:

"Disgusting outcome on #Steubenville trial. Remember kids, if you're drunk/slutty at a party, and embarrassed later, just say you got raped!"

The tweet was later removed, and Momenee tried to clear up what he meant, but students at UT were shocked and appalled, and now say they want the right action to be taken.

Momenee has apologized and voluntarily suspended his radio show. The station's Twitter site posted this response early Monday:

"WXUT holds no ties to DJs' personal beliefs through their personal social media pages."

And UT Spokesman Tobin Klinger issued this statement:

"The recent remarks of one of UT's alums, Jimmy Momenee, lamenting the guilty verdict of two Steubenville teens convicted of rape were revolting and directly contradict the values of The University of Toledo. The only victim in this case is the young woman assaulted. On his Twitter page, Mr. Momenee has expressed regret and apologized for the comments and rightly so.

"Mr. Momenee is one of several UT alumni, staff and students who host radio shows on UT's student-run radio station, WXUT. Mr. Momenee has voluntarily suspended his radio show and its return will be considered at a later date.

"No matter if it is the original offensive Twitter post blaming the rape victim, the avalanche of justified outrage or the occasional response that directed rape and death threats toward the friends and family of Mr. Momenee for his thoughtless words, Mr. Momenee is learning a difficult lesson about the power of social media and the consequences that come with the words we choose."

Toledo News Now was unable to reach Momenee for further comment.

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