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Findlay Police to carry semi-automatics

FINDLAY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Findlay Police will be carrying semi-automatic guns this spring after getting the green-light from the chief.

The officers will be carrying AR-15s, similar to M-16s. Chief Greg Horne said he was initially on the fence about the idea, but concern for the safety of his officers led to the decision.

"For one thing, they won't be as out-gunned as they are now," Horne said. "With a handgun, in order for me to engage you, I have to get very close."

Horne said his officers are outnumbered, but the city can't afford to put more officers on the streets, so he believes the semi-automatic rifles will keep them safer.

Under the new policy, each of the 34 patrolmen will have to purchase their own gun. They cost about $900, but that's not a problem for the officers.

"It's something that they really feel will make them safer, and the community safer," Horne said.

The AR-15s are very lightweight, but extremely accurate. Horne said that's why four female officers want to carry the gun, as well.

The new policy may be controversial, but some like the idea.

"Whatever will protect them," said Wendy Dunfee. "I would much rather our police officers carry those than the regular public."

And Chief Horne said as long as regular citizens can get their hands on the powerful guns, his officers need to have them, too.

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